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Digital Learning

What's New in Distance Learning

New for 2015-16, Economics and Personal Finance is a great option for any student or district seeking an elective that is aligned with new Kentucky Social Studies Anchors. Learn more.

Explore our new dual credit options for Arts in Culture, German, and Latin!

The Honors Physics textbook is now available as a FREE ebook. Learn more about the required materials for each course.

Registration is now open for all KET Distance Learning courses for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Want to know how KET can help bring blended learning to your school? Check out the Virtual Physics Labs, arts and humanities classroom resources, and KET EncycloMedia.

Welcome to KET Distance Learning!

KET Distance Learning students enjoy the independence of online classes with the personal attention of dedicated teachers and tutors. KET DL has been a trusted provider of standards-based, media-rich courses to middle and high school students in Kentucky and throughout the nation since 1989, and we are growing in exciting ways with new courses, multimedia resources, and digital learning tools.

Honors Physics offers interactive virtual labs to help students master concepts. German, Latin, Chinese, and Spanish courses include culture and history lessons, and have tutors who speak the languages with students. Arts in Culture, which teaches history and appreciation of visual and performing arts, uses high quality video to illustrate concepts.

"KET is recognized for its credibility and quality resources, including online college prep courses with high quality instruction and multimedia learning tools. KET online courses are some of the best in the nation, and ought to be promoted on the front page of every newspaper in Kentucky!" - Jeanne Biddle, Scott County District Instructional Technology Coordinator, former ISTE Board of Directors

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Our students have studied abroad, excelled on national proficiency and AP tests, joined the DL team as tutors, bypassed college courses, taken courses while living on a boat, competed on Jeopardy!, and had fun learning!

Explore our classes, meet our teachers and tutors, hear from our schools and students, and discover for yourself how KET Distance Learning helps students achieve their dreams.


Since 1989, KET has offered high-quality, standards-based distance learning classes to middle and high school students in Kentucky and throughout the nation. Through a combination of the Internet, multimedia, and personal contact, KET's dedicated teachers, tutors and staff provide a unique service designed to give students the direct instruction and support they need to succeed.

KET's goal is to expand learning opportunities by offering rigorous classes in humanities, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and physics-subjects that many schools may not be able to provide because of staffing or scheduling challenges. To help students meet college entrance requirements and prepare for college-level work, the KET distance learning program includes two College Board-authorized courses- AP® Latin and AP® Physics B.

KET also offers high quality, online resources teachers can use with their students, including, the Virtual Physics Labs, Humanities Themes and Humanities Connections. In addition, KET's humanities is designed to be used by certified teachers as a resource in teaching their own course.

Explore our classes, meet our teachers and tutors, and discover for yourself how KET Distance Learning helps students achieve their dreams.

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