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Thank you so much for your help. I finally understand tension, and I think I was dealing with acceleration wrong, too. I'm just always so impressed when someone is so willing to give help. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation-I noticed the care that went into it.

An AP® Physics B student

About KET Distance Learning

KET Distance Learning has grown and changed over the years, but one thing has remained constant: our belief that students learn best when they interact personally with a well-qualified and attentive teacher. To keep those personal contacts front and center, our full-time teachers and staff are always available by email, skype, and phone during school hours. This commitment to a personal approach to education contrasts sharply with most distance learning programs, which generally offer students only minimal opportunities to communicate directly with their teachers.

In 1989, Kentucky Educational Television-Kentucky's statewide public television network-premiered its first distance learning class, broadcast live by satellite to schools nationwide. In the years since, KET Distance Learning has evolved from a television-based service to a diverse, flexible program that combines interactive, online components with digital multi-media to provide lively, relevant, standards-based instruction.

Students can now choose from 14 courses:

Teachers can now choose from 2 resources:

All KET courses now require an onsite facilitator, who assists students, monitors their progress, and proctors tests. If problems or questions arise, onsite facilitators-like their students-have quick and easy email, skype, or phone access to the KET teacher, a class tutor, or one of our staff members.