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Questions About Arts and Humanities

Q: Can students take the Arts in Culture course as an independent study?

A: Yes, the Arts in Culture: The History an Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts course is designed to meet the needs of students, who cannot schedule time within their school schedule, to fulfill the arts and humanities requirement.

Q: KET Humanities through the Arts resource differ from the other courses offered through KET?

A: The Humanities through the Arts program is designed as a resource for use by a certified teacher as a classroom resource. The teacher of record for German, Latin, Chinese, Spanish, Arts in Culture, and physics courses is the KET instructor; the onsite facilitator for these courses does not have to be certified.

Q: How is testing and grading handled in Humanities through the Arts resource?

A: Tests and keys are posted on the web under a password for teacher use. These tests may be modified according to the teacher's needs and are graded by the teacher. The classroom teacher also assigns the final course grade, as the KET materials are for resource use only to supplement what the classroom teacher provides.

Q. Can students take Humanities through the Arts by independent study?

A: No, the Humanities through the Arts is a resource only, to be used by a certified classroom teacher to supplement their own material.

Q. Are any of the humanities courses offered as dual credit?

A: Yes. Arts in Culture may be taken as dual credit courses. The college credit is awarded by the Morehead State University Early College Program.

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