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Questions About Latin

Q: Do students need textbooks?

A: Yes for Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3 and AP® Latin, textbooks are required.

Q: How many lessons are needed for course credit?

A: The Latin courses have between 130 and 173 required lessons.

Q: Can students who have already taken one or more years of Latin at their school or from another provider enroll in KET Latin 2, 3, Latin Literature or AP® Latin?

A: Yes. The teacher will provide a placement exam to determine where the students should continue their Latin studies.

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Q: Are KET Latin courses appropriate for middle school students?

A: Latin 1 can serve as a two-year class for middle school students. This is the most typical configuration, both for KET Latin and for other Latin programs. However, middle school students also can take Latin 1 in a single year followed by Latin 2 the next year. The KET Latin teacher is available to advise principals or facilitators about which option is best for their students.

Q: Do middle school students receive high school credit for Latin?

A: The local district or school decides whether middle school students receive high school credit for Latin.

Q. Can any of the Latin courses be taken as an independent study?

A: Yes. AP® Latin may be taken as an independent study, however the school must award the credit.

Q. Are any of the Latin courses offered as dual credit?

A: Yes. Latin 1 and Latin 2 may be taken as dual credit courses. The college credit is awarded by the Morehead State University Early College Program.

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Q: Can all Latin courses be taken on a block schedule?

A: Latin 1, 2, 3, and Latin Literature all can be taken on a block schedule. AP® Latin can only be taken on a two-semester basis.

Q: What are the prerequisites for AP® Latin?

A: Students must successfully complete Latin 3 before enrolling in AP® Latin. We also require students to take an entrance exam before enrolling in AP® Latin.

Q: If students take AP® Latin, do they have to take the AP exam?

A: No. Taking the AP exam is encouraged, but not required. Most students who complete this course earn a 4 or a 5 on the AP exam. Since this is good for some amount of course credit at most universities, there is both an educational and economic reason for planning to take the AP exam.

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