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Congratulations!!!!!!! Ben got a 5 on the AP Physics test and you got him there. It's hard to believe that summer is over, but here we are back again. ...[0ne of my students] will be taking AP Physics this year, and [another is] planning to take Honors Physics. ...I'll get the ball rolling from this end, but I'm sure I'll be emailing [KET] to make sure I did it right. It's good to be back working with you.

An onsite physics facilitator

Homeschool Information for Parents

Looking for high-quality courses for home-schooled students?

KET Distance Learning can help. Our standards-based German, Latin, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arts in Culture courses—including AP® Latin—are perfect for individual study. Start dates are flexible, and students are free to work at their own pace, as long as a course is completed within our posted school year dates.

With KET's full-time teachers and staff just a phone call or email away, home schoolers receive the personal instruction and support they need for success. And we're always available to help parents or guardians-who usually serve as on-site facilitators to help students solve any problems that might arise.

For information about registering for classes, go to our KENTUCKY or OUT-OF-STATE enrollment page.

If you have questions, call Linda Hofacker or Deborah Harris at 1-800-333-9764 or email distancelearning@ket.org.