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Facilitator, Boyle County HS

Classroom Facilitator Responsibilities

In accordance with the Kentucky Digital Learning Guidelines, all schools will be required to provide a facilitator.

The Kentucky Department of Education does not require course facilitators to be certified teachers (with the exception of the Humanities resource), although it is recommended. State law requires that the facilitator remain in the classroom at all times during the class period. Other responsibilities are:

  • Maintain classroom order and discipline.
  • Make sure that the student has regularly scheduled access to an internet connected computer, and to a telephone or preferably Skype capable computer for all the language courses (German, Latin, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese).
  • Monitor online homework, quiz and test taking in order to ensure academic integrity; in some courses print and administer/proctor paper test taking.
  • Access and report participation, grades and progress of the students to school officials.
  • Discourage academic dishonesty (plagiarism, use of online translators, etc.).
  • Assist students with work and provide guidance and support for students, as well as encouragment to contact online teachers with problems, questions, and concerns.
  • Copy materials downloaded from the web site for students.
  • Initiate contact with KET to resolve all technical difficulties.
  • Communicate with online teacher by phone, skype, and through electronic mail.
  • Be familiar with the technology used in the classroom such as speakerphone, DVD player/smartboard, and computers with web cameras and microphone for skype or videoconferencing capability.
  • Serve as an ambassador between parents and KET, sharing concerns with the online teacher and encouraging parents to contact the online teacher with questions or concerns.
  • Encourage students to work hard and do their best.

Some courses are more demanding of the facilitator. If you have questions or concerns about the level of responsibility, please contact the individual course instructors. The phone number and e-mail address of each instructor are listed in the Course Description pages, or you may call KET at (800) 333-9764.