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Greek Mythological Figures
Greek Name Brief Description Symbols Category Roman Name
Acheron  One of the five rivers; river of woe.     Underworld  Acheron 
Aegaeon  1 of the 3 HECATONCHEIRES.
Son of Uranus, and Gaea. Had great strength.
One hundred hands, Fifty heads  Creation-Creatures  Briarius 
Aeolus  God of the winds.
4 sons:,
Lesser deities  Aeolus 
Aglaia  Goddess of splendor.
A daughter of Zeus and Eurynome, child of Titan.
Incarnation of grace and beauty.  Group deity-Graces  Aglaia 
Aphrodite  Goddess of love, and beauty.
Cestus is her magic, girdle (belt).
(hermaphrodite, venerate, venereal)
Dove, swan, roses  Olympian God  Venus 
Apollo  God of light, music, and prophecy. Father of Asclepius, the divine physician.
Lyre, sun, mice, Laurel tree  Olympian God  Apollo 
Ares  God of War.
Dog, wild boar, vulture  Olympian God  Mars 
Artemis  Goddess of the Moon and hunting.   Moon, deer, silver bow and arrows  Olympian God  Diana 
Athena  Goddess of wisdom and war.
Owl, olive tree, plow, loom  Olympian God  Minerva 
Atlas  Condemned by Zeus to bear on his back the crushing world and the vault of the sky.   sky/earth on his shoulders  Titan  Atlas 
Atropos  Controllers of human destiny.
The Fates (Moirae)-Greek; (Parcae)-Roman
Shears  Group deity-Fates  Atropos 
Calliope  Goddess of epic or heroic poetry.
Poetry, one of the  Group deity-Muse  Calliope 
Castor & Pollux  Gods of boxing, horsetraining, and wrestling.
Discuri brothers, sons of Zeus.
Gemini constellation  Lesser deities  Castor & Pollux 
Centaurs  Half-man half-horse, aka Hippocentaurs.
Chiron was the most famous.
  Creatures & Monsters  Centaurs 
Cerberus  Three-headed watchdog, with a snake's tail.
Guarded Taenarum, cave opening to the Underworld.
  Underworld  Cerberus 
Chaos  The beginning, the source from which all things came.
(chaos, chaotic)
Endless, formless void  Creation-God  Chaos 
Charon  Minor god of the Underworld.
Ferried dead souls across the Styx.
  Underworld  Charon 
Clio  Goddess of history   Poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Clio 
Clotho  Controllers of human destiny.
The Fates
(Moirae) - Greek
Spinner  Group deity-Fates  Clotho 
Cocytus  One of the five rivers; river of wailing.     Underworld  Cocytus 
Coeus & Phoebe  Titans of moon; parents of Leto, mother of Artemis & Apollo.     Titan  Coeus & Phoebe 
Cottus  1 of the 3 HECATONCHEIRES.
Son of Uranus, and Gaea. Had great strength.
One hundred hands, Fifty heads  Creation-Creatures  Cottus 
Crius & Mnemosyne  Titans of memory.     Titan  Crius & Mnemosyne 
Cronus  King of the Titans, a.k.a. Father Time.   Sickle  Titan  Saturn 
Cronus & Rhea  King & Queen of Titans, and harvests.     Titan  Saturn & Ops 
Danaids  49 of the 50 daughters of Danaus killed their husbands on their wedding night. Punishment was to carry water in leaky jars (sieve).     Underworld  Danaids 
Demeter  Goddess of Agriculture, and the harvest.   Wheat, corn, barley, poppies  Lesser deities  Ceres 
Dionysus  God of wine. Drama evolved out of his worship.   Vine, Tiger  Lesser deities  Bacchus, Liber 
Dryads  Goddesses of nature, wood Nymphs tree-spirits.     Group deity-Nymphs  Dryads 
Elysian Fields  Section similar to "Heaven", the isle of the blessed, Paradise.     Underworld  Elysian Fields 
Eos  Goddess of the dawn.   none  Lesser deities  Aurora 
Erato  Goddess of love poetry.   Poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Erato 
Erebus  He was the darkness of the Underworld. Brother to Nyx or (Nox)   Unfathomable darkness  Creation-God  Erebus 
Erinyes  Three female bird-like spirits with snakey hair; Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone.
Punished evil doers, offenders against blood kin.
  Underworld  Furies-Eumenides 
Eros  God of love.   Golden arrow = love; lead arrow = hate  Lesser deities  Cupid 
Eros  God of love.
Child of Nyx and Erebus.
Name also used for Cupid.
Order and beauty  Creation-God  Eros 
Euphrosyne  Goddess of mirth, joy.
A daughter of Zeus and Eurynome.
Incarnation of grace and beauty.  Group deity-Graces  Euphrosyne 
Euterpe  Goddess of music and lyric poetry.
Flute, poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Euterpe 
Graeae  Three old sister (witches) who shared an eye and a tooth.     Creatures & Monsters  Graeae (Gray) 
Gyges  1 of the 3 HECATONCHEIRES.
Son of Uranus, and Gaea. Had great strength.
One hundred hands, Fifty heads  Creation-Creatures  Gyges 
Hades  Ruler of the underworld.   Pomegranate, cap of invisibility  Olympian God  Pluto, Orcus 
Harpies  filthy,winged monsters; face of woman, and body of vulture,sharp claws;aka Hounds of Zeus.     Creatures & Monsters  Harpies 
Hebe, Ganymeda  Cupbearer, and Goddess of youth.   Goblet, Pitcher  Lesser deities  Hebe, Juventas 
Hephaestus  God of Fire, and the forge.   Hammer, quail  Olympian God  Vulcan 
Hermes  Messenger God, divine herald.   Caduceus, crane  Olympian God  Mercury 
Hymen  God of weddings, and feast.   Torch  Lesser deities  Hymen 
Hyperion & Theia  Titans of the sun; parents of Helios (Sun), Selena (Moon), and Eos (Dawn).     Titan  Hyperion & Theia 
Hypnos  God of sleep.   Morpheus-dreams imitate people,
Icelos-imitate animals,
Phantastus-inanimate objects 
Lesser deities  Somnus 
Iapetus & Themis  Titans of justice; planets. Iapetus was the father of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Atlas.     Titan  Iapetus & Themis 
Iris  Goddes of the Rainbow & messenger for Hera.   Rainbow  Lesser deities  Iris 
Jason  Known for the "Quest of the Golden Fleece".
Defeated Talos.
Married Medea.
Golden Fleece  Heroes-Major  Jason 
Judges of Underworld  Three men appointed by Zeus. Minos & Rhadamanthus, sons of Zeus and Europa.
Aeacus, son of Zeus and Aegina.
  Underworld  Judges of Underworld 
Juno  Queen of the Gods   Peacock, cow, wedding ring  Olympian God  Hera 
Keres  'Hounds of Hades' sent out by the Furies to seize evildoers who had broken oaths or planned murders and to bring them back to the Underworld for punishment.     Underworld  Keres 
Lachesis  Controllers of human destiny.
The Fates
(Moirae) - Greek
Disposer of lots  Group deity-Fates  Lachesis 
Lethe  One of the five rivers; river of forgetfulness.
(Derivative: lethal)
  Underworld  Lethe 
Medusa  1 of 3 snaky-haired Gorgons.Medusa was mortal. Stheno & Euryale were immortal. Their eyes had the power to turn onlookers into stone.     Creatures & Monsters  Medusa 
Melpomene  Goddess of tragedy.   Frowning mask, tragic poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Melpomene 
Minotaur  Half-man half-bull; King Minos'son.
Was housed in the labyrinth. Defeated by Theseus.
  Creatures & Monsters  Minotaur 
Naiads  Goddesses of nature, river, and spring Nymphs.     Group deity-Nymphs  Naiads 
Nemesis  Goddess of righteous anger, retribution for evil deeds.     Lesser deities  Nemesis 
Nereids  Goddesses of nature, sea Nymphs.     Group deity-Nymphs  Nereids 
Nike, Nice  Goddess of victory.     Lesser deities  Victoria 
Nyx  Daughter of chaos,
sister to Erebus.
Mother of Eros (God of love).
Night  Creation-God  Nox 
Oceanus  Titan of the ocean that encircled the flat earth.
Father of all river gods and the Oceanids.
  Titan  Oceanus 
Pan  God of flocks and pastures.   Goats face  Lesser deities  Pan 
Persephone  Goddess of Spring.     Lesser deities  Proserpina 
Polyhymnia  Goddess of songs/hymns to the Gods.   Poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Polyhymnia 
Poseidon  Ruler of the sea.   Trident, sea horse, dolphin  Olympian God  Neptune 
Prometheus  (Forethought) Created the first man. Gave man fire. Chained/nailed to a cliff in the Caucasus mountains. Zeus sent an eagle daily to pluck at his liver.     Titan  Prometheus 
Proteus  Old man of sea, shepherd of deep.   Could fortell the future  Lesser deities  Proteus 
Pyriphlegethon  One of the five rivers; river of fire.     Underworld  Phlegethon 
Rhea  Titaness Great Mother of the first six Olympians.   crown shaped like a turreted city wall & riding in a chariot drawn by lions  Titan  Cybele,Ops 
Satyrs  Half-man half-goat, woodland spirits.
goats ears, horns, & legs  Creatures & Monsters  Satyrs-Fauns 
Sirens  Three sea nymphs; part bird, part woman.
Seductive singing lured sailors to their death.
  Creatures & Monsters  Sirens 
Sisyphus  Son of Aeolus whose punishment in Tartarus was to push a rock up a hill.     Underworld  Sisyphus 
Sphinx  Female monster with the head and breasts of a woman, body of a dog, tail of a serpent, wings of a bird, paws of a lion, and a human voice. Perched on a rock near Thebes.     Creatures & Monsters  Sphinx 
Styx  One of five rivers, dead souls crossed; river of unbreakable oaths.     Underworld  Styx 
Talos  Bronze giant who guarded Crete.
Defeated by Jason.
  Creatures & Monsters  Talos (Talus) 
Tantalus  Son of Zeus who stood in a pool of water with a bough of fruit hanging over his head. Always hungry and thirsty but unable to eat or drink. (derivative:tantalize)     Underworld  Tantalus 
Tartarus  Section of eternal punishment. Punishment was endless and senseless.     Underworld  Tartarus 
Terpsichore  Goddess of dance.   Poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Terpsichore 
Tethys  Titaness of ocean. Mother of all river gods and Oceanids.     Titan  Tethys 
Thalia  Goddess of comedy.   Smiling mask, poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Thalia 
Thalia  Goddess of good cheer.
A daughter of Zeus and Eurynome, child of Titan.
Incarnation of grace and beauty.  Group deity-Graces  Thalia 
Thanatos  King of the Dead.     Underworld  Mors 
Triton  Trumpeter of the sea.   Sea shell, half man - half fish  Lesser deities  Triton 
Tyche  Goddess of fortune, chance   wheel indicating fickleness  Lesser deities  Fortuna 
Typhon  100 dragon headed, fiery son of Gaea.
Father of monsters such as Ladon, Cerberus, Sphinx, Chimera, Hydra, Nemean Lion, Orthus.
  Creatures & Monsters  Typhon 
Urania  Goddess of astronomy.   Poetry, one of the "Black-haired nine"  Group deity-Muse  Urania 
Vesta  Goddess of hearth and home.   Fireplace  Olympian God  Hestia 
Zeus  King of the Gods   Thunderbolt, eagle and oak tree  Olympian God  Jupiter / Jove 

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