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I wanted to thank you for all of your help through this course. I felt like I gained a lot from taking this course and your responses to my questions really cleared up all of the hazy concepts.

Student, Carroll County HS

Arts in Culture

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Arts in Culture

Arts in Culture teaches history and appreciation of visual and performing arts and meets the one credit graduation requirement for Kentucky students. This multimedia-rich course includes an engaging mix of printed materials, video segments, photographs, podcasts, and interactive games. The assignments and formative and summative assessments are tied to higher order thinking skills and foster creativity, communication, and collaboration in a virtual environment.

Arts in Culture may be taken for dual credit through the MSU Early College program.

Humanities through the Arts Resources:

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Humanities through the Arts
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Humanities through the Arts is a high school arts appreciation resource based on national standards and structured to include core content.

Humanities Themes
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Your Humanities through the Arts registration also allows complete access to our newest resource, Humanities Themes. Designed for grades 7-10, this online resource is structured around the themes of "The Natural World," "Relationships," and "Search for Self." It provides teachers with lessons and worksheets spanning visual arts, music, drama, dance, and literature.

Humanities Connections
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Humanities Connections is another great online resource. Designed for grades 7-12, the content is ideal for teachers who use humanities in their language arts, social studies, art, or history classes. It provides websites with activities and resources for the following areas: West African Culture, Ancient Civilizations, Greece and Rome, World Religions, Medieval and Renaissance, Baroque-Neoclassic-Roman, and Realism through the 20th century.

To learn more about KET's Humanities program, see specific course requirements.

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Humanities Sample Activities:

Japanese Woodcuts
Music Gallery
Jeopardy Game

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