Arts in Culture 2016-2017


Course Objective

Welcome to Arts in Culture: History and Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts. The content in this course covers thousands of years of human experience in creating, performing, and responding to the arts--all distilled into 12 amazing units. To make the course engaging and interactive, there is a rich array of multimedia resources including over 100 short video segments, dozens of text and mp3 files, and three interactive games.

But, wait - it's not just about what the course brings to you. You are an active contributor to the course, including sharing your responses to other people's artistic expressions and creating your own products and performances. Your active participation helps shape the course for you and for your fellow classmates.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

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Abby Lane came to the arts and humanities program at KET Distance Learning as a college student working as a tutor and assistant in 1998. She helped develop Arts in Culture and has been co-teaching it for the past four years and teaching it for two. She loves helping students improve their writing, gain confidence in their self-expression, and acquire an appreciation for all the arts. She has published poems in literary journals, performed on a variety of stages as a musician, and recently wrote two dramatic works commissioned to be performed by the Owensboro (KY) High School percussion, band, choral, and drama departments. She majored in English and creative writing at Earlham College and the University of Kentucky and is completing the Master of Humanities program at Tiffin University.

Producing Organization The Kentucky Educational Television Network and
Kentucky Department of Education.
Student Prerequisites This class is appropriate for high school level students who cannot devote time within their regular schedule for their humanities instruction. Students must have access to the internet.
Special Equipment Requirements
Exams/Quizzes Daily lessons, quizzes, exams, resources, and assignments will be provided on the web site.
Lesson Delivery The lessons are delivered via the web site.
Block Schedule Opportunity Arts in Culture: History and Apprectiation of Visual and Performing Arts is not available on a block schedule.
Textbooks and Materials

No required textbook

Dual Credit Option

Arts in Culture is available for dual credit through the MSU Early College program.

Tuition and Enrollment Form This course is only available for Kentucky high school students.
If you are in Kentucky: $100.00 per student for 1-19; $50.00 per student for the 20th and above per course.
Kentucky Enrollment Form.



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