KET Computer Equipment Requirement Chart for 2011-12 Distance Learning Classrooms


  Absolute minimum configuration Average configuration Best configuration
Minimal Performance Acceptable performance Good performance
No future Limited future Good future prospects
If you have a machine like this, you will be able to use it until you obtain funding for a new system. Internet (World Wide Web) software runs poorly (if at all) with less than this minimum configuration. Video conferencing and other advanced features are not available with this configuration. If you have a system with this configuration, you shouldn't need to purchase a new system. If you lack any of the listed features, you should upgrade your system. This upgrade should offer significant savings compared to a new system. If you need a new system, use this as a minimum specification for the purchase.
CPU Speed <1 GHz 1 GHz 2 GHz or higher
Operating System* Windows XP Home or higher Windows XP Pro Windows XP Pro or Vista
Memory 64 MB RAM 256 MB RAM 1 GB RAM or more
Hard Drive <2 GB free hard drive space 2 GB free hard drive space 10 GB free hard drive space
Monitor 15"+ Capable of at least 1024x768 resolution 17"+ Capable of at least 1280x1024 resolution 17" or larger higher than 1280x1024 resolution
Sound Windows compatible sound card and speakers
CD/DVD Drive 40x or higher CD-ROM drive 40x or higher CD and/or DVD DVD-R DL
Printer Color ink jet Color ink jet and access to laser Color ink jet and access to color laser
Internet Browser** Internet Explorer 8 or higher or Mozilla Firefox
Multimedia Software All KET courses make extensive use of multimedia. Students will require browser access to RealMedia Player and Windows Media Player, Macromedia Flash and Apple Quicktime.
Network Connection Broadband Internet via Ethernet

* When dealing with the Internet and similar technologies, several platform issues arise. In addition to the PC Windows systems listed above, Macintosh with equivalent configurations will be supported whenever possible. However, several pieces of software used by our instructors are not available in Macintosh versions. Wortgefecht for the German courses and Lingua Latina for Latin courses, are only available for Intel/Windows based machines.

** WebTV and the AOL browser may be incompatible with some areas of the website. We strongly recommend the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

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