KET German III 2016-2017


Course Objective

This course will continue the multimedia approach to help students maintain the language skills learned in German 1 and 2. The course continues the development of the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills at a higher level of difficulty. An understanding of the cultures of the German-speaking countries and their people continues to be an integral component of the content, fostering a respect and appreciation for the diversity of culture. The content of the course is organized according to the functions of language. German 3 students will:

The course will continue to emphasize communicative competence by reviewing, maintaining, and expanding speech patterns used in real-life situations. Corresponding listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises require the learner to interact in a natural and meaningful way. Assignments and exercises integrate an interactive, multimedia approach to language learning.

Through the videos and other web platforms, the instructor introduces and demonstrates new concepts, and reviews materials. Students interact with an assigned conversation tutor, and with other students to practice and master their language skills.

Students will have the opportunity to improve their listening comprehenison skills via audio podcasts called Der Tutorcast. TV Tutor will also give students a chance to SEE their tutors via videocast. Students will collaborate on web platforms such as PBwiki, VoiceThread, StudiVZ, and Second Life/TEEN, all of which offer excellent opportunities for language practice.

Block Schedule Opportunity German 3 is available in block format with the same content as the year-long course.
John Krueger
Kentucky Educational Television
600 Cooper Dr.
Lexington, KY 40502-2296
(800) 333-9764
or (859) 258-7131
FAX (859) 258-7390

John Krueger received his Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Kentucky University, his Master of Arts in Secondary Education from University of Kentucky, and in German from University of Massachusetts. He has many connections to Germany having worked and studied there for over five years. He is well familiar with the rich variety of geography and culture that Germany has to offer since he has had the experience of living in diverse regions within the country, in cities such as Berlin, Dresden, Freiburg, and Marburg. John has been teaching German in high school since 1995 and has been a strong proponent of cultural exchange programs between German and American schools.

Producing Organization The Kentucky Educational Television Network and
Kentucky Department of Education
Successful completion of KET German 2 or placement by KET entrance exam.
We recommend that students interested in enrolling in German exhibit these characteristics:
  1. demonstrate self-discipline, maturity and a willingness to accept the responsibility to work independently.
  2. demonstrate motivation and interest in learning another language.
Special Equipment Requirements
  • Internet World Wide Web access in the classroom. (See: KET Computer Equipment Requirement Chart.)
  • One Internet connected computer for every student.
  • Dedicated telephone line in the classroom
  • Speaker phone and/or web camera/microphone for Skype or video conferencing through the web site. Students working independently will be expected to have use of headphones with attached mic during regular tutor lessons.
  • Web or Video Camera for performance assessment
  • Browser access to Adobe Flash Player, RealMedia Player and/or Windows Media Player
Exams/Quizzes Tests and performance assessments are given approximately every six weeks. Tests cover reading, writing and listening comprehension and are administered during the video class. Cultural material is also tested. Students will complete performance assessment activities. The conversation tutor will evaluate student oral proficiency approximately two times a week. Students answer daily online questions after viewing each video lesson and constitute a quiz grade. Students answer daily online homework questions.
Tests / Performance Assessments 30%
Oral Performance (based on records of conversation tutors) 20%
Quizzes 15%
Essays (consisting of written assignments) 15%
Classwork/Homework 10%
Learning Progress (consisting of online survey regarding pacing of progress in the course) 10%
Lesson Delivery The lessons are delivered streamed from the web site in Flash or Windows Media format, or via a set of purchased DVDs ($100) or CDs ($50). Limited quantities of DVDs/CDs are available.
Class Size Because of tutoring, German 3 section size is limited. If you plan to have more than 12 students per section, please call John Krueger so he can help you work out the best plan for your students. Please consider that students in large classes may have difficulty reading the screen or taking notes, which are daily activities in the course.
Course Guides All student and facilitator guide information is posted online for 2016-2017.
Textbooks and Materials

The following textbook is required for each student:

  • There is no required textbook.
Tuition and Enrollment Forms If you are outside Kentucky: $450.00 per student for 1-9; $427.50 per student for 10 or more per course. Out-of-State Enrollment Form

If you are in Kentucky: $100.00 per student for 1-19; $50.00 per student for the 20th and above per course. Kentucky Enrollment Form



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