Humanities through the Arts 2014-2015


Resource Objective

Humanities through the Arts is an interdisciplinary survey of the beliefs, thoughts, values, and traditions of humankind as reflected in history, philosophy, literature, visual arts, music, dance, and theatre. This resource explores the cultural and historical significance of the arts, fosters an examination into the nature of creativity, and examines universal questions as evidenced in the arts.

To appreciate the arts and to respond to the arts in a thoughtful, scholarly manner, are the primary objectives. There are any number of ways to approach the arts with these purposes in mind. These avenues to appreciation may include producing or creating, writing about the arts, seeing performances, discussing the arts, noting common themes within the arts, and comparing arts from various cultures or different stylistic periods. With this in mind, humanities teachers may use the resource to help students:

Note: Humanities through the Arts is written in compliance with the mandated credit for History and Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts. The resource is designed to be used with a classroom partner who facilitates discussion and provides hands-on activities for students, and to be used to supplement their own humanities materials.

Teachers registering for Humanities through the Arts will be able to access the resource, Humanities Themes. Themes is a web-based resource and includes projects suitable for students with a wide range of ability levels. This resource organizes visual arts, theater, dance, music and literary topics in three thematic strands:

Humanities Connections is an innovative set of resources for students in grades 7-12. This four-production series consists of programs for both teacher and student audiences, that cover the basic elements of theater, dance, music and visual arts. They are written in direct compliance with the Kentucky Core Content for Arts and Humanities and National Standards in the Arts. The accompanying Connections web site provides an episode summary, vocabulary, ideas for projects, works consulted, and a teacher response form for each of the productions.

Instructor Assistant
Abby V. Lane
Kentucky Educational Television
600 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40502-2296
(800) 333-9764
(859) 258-7154
Fax: (859) 258-7390
Video Instructor Liz Jewell

Liz Jewell is a native of Kentucky and grew up in the Purchase Area near the Mississippi River. She majored in art at Murray State University and graduated from the University of Louisville with a B.A. in Painting and teacher certification in English, art, and humanities. After three years as a writer and graphics editor of the Henderson (Ky.) Gleaner, she began teaching and developing the Humanities program at Western Hills High School in Frankfort. During this time she received numerous grants to attend summer workshops in the humanities including a summer workshop in aesthetics sponsored by the Kentucky Endowment for the Humanities and University of Louisville philosophy department. In the summers of 1989 and 1990, she received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The first was for a summer of study on the Medieval Cathedral in France; the second was an independent study in the humanities on Brunelleschi and the Cathedral of Florence. She has travelled with her students to England, Scotland, Ireland, Paris, Nice, Rome, and Florence. Liz taught since the fall of 1996 as a Distance Learning teacher in humanities at Kentucky Educational Television and retired in the summer of 2005.

Local Instructor This resource requires a teaching partner who must be a certified teacher. The classroom partner will facilitate discussion, administer and grade tests and quizzes, and use the online material to supplement their own lesson plans.
Producing Organization The Kentucky Educational Television Network and
Kentucky Department of Education.
Student Prerequisites This resource is appropriate for a mix of ability levels but note-taking ability is essential. It is recommended for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Special Equipment Requirements
Exams/Quizzes Daily lesson plans to be used as a resource, exams and keys, assignments and review questions will be provided by the instructor on the web site. The classroom partner is free to modify or supplement this material as he or she desires.
Lesson Delivery The lessons are delivered via a set of purchased DVDs. ($100.00)
Resource Guides The following materials may be downloaded from the web site:
Facilitator Guide & Supplementary Materials  
Textbooks and Materials

One book per two students and one copy per teacher is suggested to be used on a supplementary basis:

  • The Creative Impulse, An Introduction to the Arts, 8th Edition, Prentice-Hall, School Division, P.O. Box 2500, Lebanon, IN 46052, Phone: 800.848.9500, Fax 877.260.2530, ISBN: #978-0-136-03493-3, Price: $88.97

One book per student and one book per teacher is suggested if using the 'Night Mother unit:

  • 'Night Mother, Macmillan: Hill and Wang; Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 18 West 18th St., New York, NY 10011 Phone: 212.741.6900 or 888.330.8477, ISBN: #978-0-374-52138-7, Price: $14.00
Tuition and Enrollment Form Humanities is a high school level resource to be used by a certified teacher.
If you are outside Kentucky: $750.00 per semester; unlimited enrollment. Enrollment Form for schools outside Kentucky.
There is no resource charge for Kentucky teachers: Kentucky Enrollment Form.



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