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Course Objective

Latin I uses Ecce Romani I, the innovative, reading-based, Latin-language course. Students learn Latin by actually reading it and discovering for themselves the shapes of words, the structures of grammar, and vocabularies. The story line follows the daily life and adventures of the Cornelii, a typical Roman family in the years A.D. 80-81, and the readings familiarize students with Roman culture at the same time that they build rapid facility with the Latin language.

The course offers study of the Latin language, incorporating listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, word building, English derivatives, Roman culture, and classical mythology.

Learning activities of each chapter will require the use of the Internet in the following venues: Latin vocabulary with English derivatives, oral Latin chapter readings, quiz wizards, crossword puzzles, graphic and multimedia presentations for reviewing grammar.


Through the video instruction, printed readings, and multiple web-based practice opportunities, students learn the basic grammar and vocabulary of Latin in a way that improves their ability to understand English, and prepares them to study other languages. Knowledge of Latin also helps students make sense of unfamiliar words on standardized tests. Mythology and an overview of Roman contributions to Western civilization are stressed.

The teacher and tutors establish relationships with students providing direct interaction and feedback to students via e-mail, phone calls, and video conferencing.

Block Schedule Opportunity Latin I is also offered in a one-semester block schedule format.
Ben Patterson
Kentucky Educational Television
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or (859) 258-7133
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Ben has been a part of KET Distance Learning since he took Latin 1 as a sophomore in high school and has experienced the program as a student, tutor, administrator, and teacher. He has taught middle and high school students for nearly a decade both online and in the traditional classroom. Ben holds a BA (Classics and English) from the University of Kentucky and an MA in Education from Asbury University.

Producing Organization The Kentucky Educational Network and Kentucky Department of Education
Special Equipment Requirements
  • Internet World Wide Web access in the classroom.
    (See: KET Computer Equipment Requirement Chart.)
  • One Internet connected computer for every Latin I student.
  • Web camera/microphone for Skype, video conferencing through the web site, and for recording assignments.
  • Browser access to Adobe Flash Player, RealMedia Player and/or Windows Media Player.
Student Prerequisites We recommend that students interested in enrolling in Latin exhibit these characteristics:
  1. demonstrate self-discipline, maturity and a willingness to accept the responsibility to work independently.
  2. demonstrate motivation and interest in learning another language.
Grading Grades are calculated using the following formula:
Tests (Vocabulary and Grammar Tests are given after every three chapters. Grammar Tests are sent to KET for grading.) 35%
Quizzes (Quizzes are graded on-line.) 30%
Homework/Classwork (Homework is graded on-line.) 35%

Projects are assigned grades in either test or quiz category. Projects are sent to KET and graded by the teacher.

Lesson Delivery The lessons are delivered streamed from the web site or via a set of purchased DVDs ($100). CDs ($50) are also available for individual students. Quantities of DVDs/CDs are limited.
Class Size There is no limit on class size or necessity that all students are working at the same time during the day. Please consider that students in large classes may have difficulty reading the screen or taking notes, which are daily activities in the course.
Course Guides All student and facilitator guide information is posted online for 2016-2017.
Textbooks, & Materials

Each student should have:

  • Ecce Romani Level I Student Book, Pearson Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, P. O. Box 6820, Chandler, AZ 85246, Phone: 800.848.9500, FAX: 877.260.2530, or, (2nd ed., 1995) ISBN #978-0-801-31201-4,
    Ecce Romani Level I Student Book, 3rd ed., 2000, ISBN #978-0-673-57585-2,
    Ecce Romani Level I Student Book, 2005 edition, ISBN #978-0-131-16370-6
    Ecce Romani Level I Student Book, 4th ed., 2009, ISBN #978-0-133-61089-5, Price: $75.47
    Ecce Romani Level I eText 1-year license, 4th edition, ISBN #978-0-13-326680-1 Price: $11.97 (purchased with school PO or credit card only)
  • Ecce Romani Student Language Activity Book I, 2009 4th edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, P. O. Box 6820, Chandler, AZ 85246, Phone: 800.848.9500, FAX: 877.260.2530, ISBN: #978-0-133-61119-9, Price: $15.97

Each facilitator should have:

  • Ecce Romani Teacher Guide Book I, Pearson Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, P. O. Box 6820, Chandler, AZ 85246, Phone: Phone: 800.848.9500, FAX: 877.260.2530, (3rd ed., 2000) ISBN #978-0-6735-7592-0,
    Ecce Romani Teacher Guide Book I, 2005 edition, ISBN #978-0-131-16375-1
    Ecce Romani Teacher Guide Book I, 4th ed., 2009 (includes Language Activity Book I KEY), ISBN #978-0-13-361094-9, Price: $63.47

Optional suggested book for each classroom:

  • The New College Latin & English Dictionary, AMSCO School Publications, Inc., Perfection Learning, 1000 North Second Avenue, P.O. Box 500, Logan, IA 51546-0500, Phone: 800.831.4190, FAX: 800.543.2745, ISBN #978-1-56765-433-2, Order No.: R6170P, Price: $14.50
Dual Credit Option

Latin I is available for dual credit through the MSU Early College program.

Tuition and Enrollment Forms If you are outside Kentucky: $450.00 per student for 1-9; $427.50 per student for 10 or more per course. Out-of-State Enrollment Form

If you are in Kentucky: $100.00 per student for 1-19; $50.00 per student for the 20th and above per course. Kentucky Enrollment Form



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