photo of r. John W. M. Peterson

Dr. John W. M. Peterson

Information Systems Staff


John is an honorary research fellow.

Research Interests

John's research interests include Land Information Systems in Antiquity and various applications of Information Technology, particularly in Archaeology.


1988a. Information systems and the interpretation of Roman cadastres In Computer and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology: CAA 88, BAR International Series S446, Rahtz, S. P. Q. (ed.), 133-149. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports.

1988b. Roman cadastres in Britain: I - South Norfolk A Dialogues d'histoire ancienne 14, 167-199.

1990a. Roman cadastres in Britain: II - Eastern A: signs of a large system in the northern English home counties Dialogues d'histoire ancienne 16 (2), 233-272.

1990b. Why did the idea of coaxial field systems last so long? Antiquity 64, 584-591.

1992a. Computer-aided projection of part of the Orange B cadastre to the Cèze valley Dialogues d'histoire ancienne 18 (1), 169-176.

1992b. Fourier analysis of field boundaries In CAA91: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 1991 BAR International Series S577, Lock, G. & Moffett, J. (eds.), 149-156. Oxford: Tempus Reparatum.

1992c. Trigonometry in Roman cadastres In Mathématiques dans l'Antiquité, Centre Jean-Palerne: Mémoires 11, Guillaumin, J.-Y. (ed.), 185-203. St-Étienne: Université de St-Étienne.

1993. Computer-aided investigation of ancient cadastres PhD Thesis. University of East Anglia.

1995a. (with V. J. Rayward-Smith) A GIS study of potential traces of a Roman cadastre and soil types in Romney Marsh In Computer Aplications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 1993 BAR International Series 598, Lockyear, K. and Wilcock, J. (eds.), 155-160. Oxford: Tempus Reperatum.

1995b. Flavian fort sites in South Wales: a spreadsheet analysis In Computer Aplications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 1994 BAR International Series 600, Huggett, J. and Ryan, N. (eds.), 87-93. Oxford: Tempus Reperatum.

1996. A computer model of Roman landscape in South Limburg In Interfacing the Past: Computer Aplications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 1995 Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 28.1, Kamermans, H. and Fennema, K. (eds.), 185-194. Leiden, University of Leiden.

1997. Local parcelling in the South Norfolk A cadastre Evolutions 1

Forthcoming. Theoretical influences on two reports of Romano-British land division In TRAC 97. Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Nottingham 1997 Forcey, C., Hawthorne, J. and Witcher, R. (eds), Oxford, Oxbow Books.

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