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Latin I - Parts of Speech - Number (Singular or Plural)

(10 pts.)

Some parts of speech have a number. Let's take a look at the NUMBER of a noun!

In English, a plural noun is usually spelled differently and pronounced differently from the singular. A singular noun is made plural in several ways:

Some nouns, called collective nouns, refer to a group of persons or things, but they are considered singular

In Latin, a singular noun is usually made plural by having its ending changed, although there are words that change internally as well.

Singular Plural
puella (girl) puellae (girls)
amïcus (friend) amïcï (friends)
littera (letter) litterae (letters)
ager (field) agrï (fields)
periculum (danger) pericula (dangers)
caelum (sky) caela (skies)


Look at the pictures, choose the correct form of the noun, and write it in the space provided. If there is only one item, choose the singular form; if there are more than one, choose the plural form. Notice the change in the endings (sg)/(pl). Also notice there are three different sets of singular and plural endings. These sets indicate the three different genders: feminine, masculine, neuter. (10 pts.)

1 2
1. rosa (sg) rosae (pl)
2. fëmina (sg) fëminae (pl)
3 4
3. stella (sg) stellae (pl)
4. equus (sg) equï (pl)
5 6
5. lectus (sg) lectï (pl)
6. övum (sg) öva (pl)
7 8
7. sandaluim (sg) sandalia (pl)
8. templum (sg) templa (pl)
9 10
9. puer (sg) puerï (pl)
10. avia (sg) aviae (pl)

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