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SID SPACE -The Ablative Astronaut II

S ub    I n    D e   
S ine    P ro    A b    C um    E x   

FRIPS - Romance Languages

French Romanian Italian Portuguese Spanish

"PUFFY" Verbs

Potior Utor Fruor Fungor Vescor


Present Tense Vowels
I: e II: ea III: a IV: ia

UNUS NAUTA (also called naughty 9) - Irregular Adjectives

U Unus
N Nullus
U Ullus
S Solus

N Neuter
A Alter
U Uter
T Totus
A Alius

PACAPAINS -1st Declension Masculine

P Pirata
A Agricola
C Collega
A Auriga
P Poeta
A Athleta
I Incola
N Nauta
S Scriba

Names of Cases
Never Get Drunk At All or Never Go Dancing After April

NOM. Never or Never
GEN. Get   Go
DAT. Drunk   Dancing
ACC. At   After
ABL. All   April

Seven Hills of Roma-
Can Queen Victoria Eat Cold Apple Pie?

Victoria- Viminal
Cold- Capitoline
Apple- Aventine

Imperative Sg. without an ending

Duc, dic, fac & fer
Should have an 'e'
But it isn't there!

Spelling Hints

preseNT participle-base ends in NT
geruND- base ends in ND
gerundIVEs are adjectIVEs

Courtesy of "Study Sheets for Latin Cultural Drill Tapes," by Dr. B.F. Barcio, L.H.D.
Pompeiiana, Inc. Indianapolis, IN

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