Roman Life - Cetera
Latin I, Lesson 20
50 pts. Homework Category
Roman Life II: Dress
Nomen _______________________________________ Dies________________
Information for the answers can be found on p. 17 of the textbook
  1. Over her "tunica" (a tunic with sleeves), Aurelia wore a ______________. Describe this

    garment: _________________________________________________________________

  2. For outdoor wear, over all she would put on a _______________. Describe this outdoor

    garment: _________________________________________________________________

  3. Gaius wore a _____________________ tunic. What part of the tunic indicated that he was

    a senator? _________________________________________________________________

  4. When did a Roman wear his toga over his tunic? ___________________________


  5. A man's plain white toga was called in Latin either __________________________

    or __________________________.

    The Latin term for Gaius Cornelius' toga was _____________________________.

    A man's toga praetexta was an indication that he was


  6. Gaius' son Marcus also wore a _____________, with ________________ purple stripes,

    and a _____________________________. Aurelia's daughter Cornelia wore a

    _____________ like her brother Marcus but without __________________________.

  7. What did the son of a Roman wear around his neck? _________________________

    When was this given to him? _____________________________________________

    He wore this until he _________________________________________________.

  8. To whom did boys dedicate their bulla? ______________________________________

    When boys came of age (16 years old), what type of toga did they wear?


  9. In villâ rusticâ et in agrîs, children would not wear _______________________.

  10. Simple sandals were called ___________________________.
Roman Life - Cetera

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