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Roman Life I: A Roman Family
20 questions @ 5 pts each = 100 quiz pts.
Due by Lesson 17

Nomen _________________________ Latin I Dies ______________________

Read pp. 10-11; review the introduction on pp. XII - XV, including the maps; print out and answer the questions below. The answer key can be accessed from the Roman Life Index by your facilitator. Bona Fortuna, Omnês!

Place in vîlla rûstica located at Baiae in the region of Campania
Date A.D. 80 (July)
Reason Rome is noisy, smelly and steamy hot
Gaius Cornelius, pater familiâs
Aurelia, mater familiâs
Marcus, filius (16 yrs)
Cornelia, filia (14 yrs)
Sextus, puer Romanus (12 yrs), living with the family while his father is overseas in Asia Minor; used to live in Pompeii, where his mother died in eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
Flavia, puella Romana and Cornelia's friend, living in vîllâ vîcînâ
Davus, servus and boss of the vîlla rûstica for Cornelius
  1. Describe a "villa rustica."
  2. Do Cornelia and Marcus attend school while at their villa? _____________________
  3. Name the Greek tutor who gave Cornelia a book about her namesake. _________________________________
  4. Give the father's full name. _______________  __________________  _______________ (his 3rd name is given in the video lesson)
  5. Give the son's full name. _______________  __________________  _______________ (his 3rd name is given in the video lesson)
  6. Cornelia has a ____________________________ form of her father's name.
  7. Aurelia's father must have been named _________________________________.
  8. How old is Marcus? ________
  9. How old is Cornelia? ________
  10. Gaius is master of his own house and legally he also has the power of ______________ and _______________ over his entire ______________________.
  11. Aurelia's household tasks include: _____________________________, which signifies being __________________, and other house activities involving a large number of ___________________.
  12. Who is Sextus' guardian? ___________________________
  13. Where does Flavia live? _______________________________
  14. Who is the mother of the Gracchi brothers and why is this discussed in the readings?
  15. Where is Baiae located? (see pp. xi & xii) ________________________________
  16. Why did Roman senators have villas there? __________________________
  17. What attracted Romans to Baiae?
  18. Describe the Bay of Naples.
  19. Vesuvius destroyed what town? _____________________________________
  20. What are Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily? (see the map on p. xv) __________________________________
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