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The Slave Market
(w/Ecce Romani (page 37) and Lesson 40

100 pts. Opera category/ You may use your notes and the text book. 5 pts each blank.

Nomen_____________________________ Dies___________________
  1. Name 6 of the 8 ways in which Romans acquired slaves.
    1. _________________________
    2. _________________________
    3. _________________________
    4. _________________________
    5. _________________________
    6. _________________________

  2. Approximately how many slaves were purchased in the Roman empire between 50 BC and 150 AD
  3. Where in Rome were most slaves sold? __________________________________________________
  4. What information was written on the placard placed around a slave's neck when he/she was being sold?____________________________________________
  5. Why were slaves' feet chalked? ________________________________________________
  6. What is the Latin word for 'slave dealers'? _____________________________________
  7. At the fictitious auction described in the text, what price did Davus bring?______________________________________
  8. What price did Eucleides bring? ____________________________

  9. Who was Titus Cornelius?__________________________________________________
  10. In what ways was Davus rewarded for being a diligent slave at the villa rustic?__________________________________________________________________

  11. Spartacus was a real person. What had he been prior to his capture by the Romans?__________________________________________________________________

  12. To what services was Spartacus put when he was enslaved?__________________________________________________________________

  13. After he rebelled and was joined by a multitude of other slaves, how many Roman legions did he and his band defeat?__________________________________________________________________

  14. What general finally defeated him?__________________________________________________________________

  15. How were those rebellious slaves who survived the defeat treated?__________________________________________________________________

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