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Latin I

The Roman Villa
(Textbook pp. 45-48)
50 pts. Opera Category, lesson 46

Nomen___________________________________          Dies________________________

  1. The majority of Romans, in cities, lived in apartment buildings called "_________" which were several _____________ high.

  2. In the city, Cornelius' family, a senatorial family; owned a self-contained house called a "___________".

    In the country, this family lived in a farmhouse called a ____________________ near ___________ in ________________. (Areas were discussed during lessons)

    Define "piscina". _____________________________________________________ (You may need to refer to Ch. 3 for this)

  3. List the two purposes of a villa.
    1. To provide housing ________________________ who did the agricultural work.

    2. To provide housing ________________________________ when they went to the country, usually during the ______________months to escape _________________ and_________________ of the city.
  4. Read a description of a vïlla rüstica at the bottom of p. 45.

    List 4 of the spaces found in a vïlla rüstica that would not be in a domus:





  5. Define "vïlicus'" ___________________________________________________

    Why should a vilicus be neither young nor old? ___________________________________________________

    Why should an owner show a friendly side of himself to a slave? ___________________________________________________

  6. What was the difference between a vïlla rüstica and a vïlla urbäna?




  7. Read Pliny's description of his vïlla urbäna in Tuscany.

  8. Why did Pliny like his vïlla urbäna in Tuscany so much? __________________________________________________________________


  9. Describe some of the amenities of a villa urbana that one might not find in a villa rustica.

    Give at least 2: __________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

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