Roman Culture Mores

Women in Rome

Private Lives and Public Personae
Dr. Susan Martin
University of Tennessee


This paper was originally written for presentation in the "Tuesday Topics" lecture series sponsored by the University of Tennessee College of Arts and Sciences Office of Outreach and Public Service. I am grateful to Dr. Lynn Champion, Director of that Office, and Dr. Lorayne W. Lester, Dean of the College, for the opportunity to participate in that program. It was subsequently delivered at the 1997 meeting of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Let me emphasize that this paper was not originally conceived principally as a work of original scholarship and those interested in any of the issues raised in it should consult the bibliography attached at the end.

Your "magistra" heard this paper presented at ACTFL in Nashville, November 1997. Dr. Martin has graciously allowed me to publish excerpts so our students can gain insight into the life of one very remarkable woman who lived through the civil wars of Pompey and Caesar as well as that of Antony and Octavius. The entire paper is also available for those who wish to read it intact.

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