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Facilitatorês et Discipulî,

Optimê! I am happy that you are choosing to take the National Latin Exam. Enclosed you will find a syllabus for Level II as well as several sample tests and answer keys. When you take the test, you will find some questions on material you have not yet studied. Don't panic! Every student in the United States will have the same experience! You can, however, bone up on new topics that will help you to be better prepared.

Included in this packet are extra materials for working ahead if you choose to do so. Studying daily life, history, and myth sections will be fairly easy, but the grammar will be more of a challenge. Choose the topics you feel you need help with and use the pages in your textbook, as well as the suggested websites, to help you with review and practice. Don't overlook the indices of grammar and cultural information in the back of Ecce Romani text that also can help you locate topics. In the NLE index you will also find several pages that will assist you in review and practice.

Finally, please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Magistra Ann Denny

Multâs Gratiâs et Bonam Fortunam!

Study Packet for the National Latin Exam, Level II
A list of items on the syllabus for Latin Level I and directions to study materials


"This syllabus is designed to provide the Latin teacher with a general overview of content included in each level of the National Latin Exam. It is not intended to serve as a total curriculum for any level.

*The syllabus contains items usually taught by the first week of March in a given year of study.

*The exam comprises 40 questions covering grammar and syntax, culture, Latin in use, and reading comprehension.

*In general the exam is designed to test comprehension of Latin rather than production of forms.

*With the exception of those taking the Level V exam, students are not required to name grammatical constructions.

*Any level may contain questions based on the content of a lower level.

The National Latin Exam Committee reserves the right to add to and/or delete from this syllabus at any time."


I. Grammar: Forms and Syntax

II. Culture and Civilization

III. Latin in Use

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