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Caesar has Crossed the River; Civil War is at Hand...
by Michael Joseph McIntosh

Caesar and his troops have just crossed over the Rubicon in defiance of Pompey. Is Civil War at hand? This is your action team reporter with all the details.

This all comes in response to the Senate passing a senatus consultum ultimum giving Pompey the power to disperse Caesar's army. Tension has steadily been growing between Caesar and Pompey in the past months. With the major support of the Senate, Pompey has decided to make a move against Caesar. From undisclosed resources, I've learned that after Caesar gives up his military immunity to return to government in Rome, Pompey and his supporters have planned to bring a lawsuit against him because of accounts of bribery. Caesar's demise has been planned for days.

Earlier today, in defiance of Pompey and his political supporters, Caesar crossed the Rubicon into Italy and set his targets on Rome. Is this going to be the beginning of a civil war with Caesar on one side and Pompey on the other? What will this mean for Rome and the Republic? After interviewing several of Caesar's soldiers I catch a glimpse inside Caesar's campaign.

Soldier 1 remarks, "I really can't tell you anything except that alea iacta est is circulating amongst the soldiers. The die is cast. None of us know what will happen next, we are just following orders."

Just as the last of the troops were crossing I received a comment from another worried soldier. "What has he gotten us into now. I shouldn't worry, but will the republic survive if he defeats Pompey; he is a great leader however so I have faith that everything will work out."

The questions are innumerable as are the possible answers. Answers will only come with time. We must hold our breath and wait to see what the results will be.

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