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Excerpts from Murder on the Appian Way


Reaction to Clodius's death by his close associates:

Overheard.."I say we mount an assault on Milo's house tonight...we'll drag him into the street, set the place on fire and tear him limb from limb." says Sextus Cloelius , Clodius' relative and right hand man who organizes mobs, stages riots, breaks arms... Others say "What makes you thnk that Milo would dare to come back to the city, after what he's done?...probably half way to Massilia by now." "Not Milo...boasted for years that he'd kill Publius Clodius one day...Mark my words, he'll be down in the Forum tomorrow to brag...and we'll slaughter him on the spot."
Says Clodius' nephew Appius" No, press for a trial...expose him and HIS friends...I smell Cicero's bloody maw!...I don't want revenge; a knife in the back could accomplish that. I want to see these men discreditied, humilitated, jeered out of Rome. I want the whole city to repudiate them and their families with them. That means a trial"
Arguments on both sides...Cloelius claims "the mob wants a riot and Milo's death should he show himself" Appius..."No, Uncle Publius understood the way to make use of the mob- as a dagger, not as a bludgeon. "

J. Jahnige, Oct. 2003 - from 'Murder on the Appian Way', p. 16

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